Friday, September 19, 2008

On Today's Show

Like a groundhog, Bush emerges momentarily to tell us he suddenly agrees that the economy is in the toilet, as Congress and the federal reserve work to bail out just about everyone. A great day in capitalism, we will be going through it all.

Also; how it is all playing out on the campaign trail, as Obama's numbers go up, up, up, and Sarah Palin's numbers collapse just as fast as the markets did all week!

Plus: John McCain's new hostility toward Spain, Todd Palin's refusal to testify in troopergate, right-wingers pointing to the LA train conductor as an "unstable homosexual" in their fight against gay marriage and mark foley will not be charged with anything!

And: Are you born conservative? A new study suggests it might all be a genetic disorder.

Oh, and it's Friday -- Clips of the Week!

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