Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bob Barr: The Lights Will Go Out in Georgia for McCain

With the polls tightening in Georgia, former Republican Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, running for president on the Libertarian Party ticket (and someone we had on the show a few times in recent months), is predicting that McCain will lose Georgia:

"Senator John McCain will not win Georgia," predicts Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president. "His shrinking poll numbers are an indication that McCain is losing touch with the American public as we get closer to November 4th."

"Sen. McCain never connected with the fiscal conservatives in Georgia," says Barr. "His lack of a principled stand on issues such as reducing the size of government and cutting spending bothers Georgia voters. Sen. McCain can't say with a straight face he will not raise taxes or increase government spending, given his support for such extremely expensive federal government programs like the recent massive bailouts for Wall Street. Clearly, McCain has failed to attract the hearts and support of Georgia voters."

I think in the end Georgia will not leave the red column, but just this talk of tightening polls this late in the campaign -- not just about the presidential race but also about the Senate race with the noxious Saxby Chambliss now in a tough fight against Democrat Jim Martin -- is amazing and certainly gives you hope. My dream electoral map: Obama win Georgia, as well as Montana and North Dakota, both of which are in the toss-up column now.