Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GOP Hyper-Hypocrisy Alert

Antigay Virginia Republican Congressman Virgil Goode -- a man with a zero score from the Human Rights Campaign -- obtained a $150,000 earmark for the producer of a gay-themed film ("Eden's Curse"), a man who also owns an art-house theatre and got taxpayer dollars to keep the theatre up and running. But wait, it gets better: A la John McCain's press secretary Mark Buse, antigay Virgil Goode's press secretary is a glass closet gay man -- and he had a role in the gay-themed film! And more: He's on the board of the theater that got the earmark! Mike Rogers teamed up with video activist Mike Stark to expose this, and it's all revealed on Blogactive:

So, how does an anti-gay Republican US Congressman come to support a movie that is filled with lots of gay sex and lots of drug use? Well, the best place to start is with Linwood Duncan, Goode's Press Secretary. Linwood is gay (an open secret in DC) and has aspirations to be a movie star. In 2003, Ed Henry, then with Roll Call, reported about Linwood and his dreams of the silver screen: "Who knew that Linwood Duncan, the unassuming press secretary for Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Va.), has been dabbling in acting on the side and turns up with a bit part in the new movie “Eden’s Curve”?...

...You're thinking "what's the big deal?" Who cares if Roll Call wrote about a movie starring a right-wing Congressional staffer that was "especially popular at gay and lesbian film festivals across the country because the lead character gets mixed up in relationships with his male roommate..."?

I'll tell you who cares. The anti-earmark conservatives care and the anti-gay troglodytes care... A LOT!

Check out Mike Stark's video:

Here is how Eden's Curse is described on IMDB:
This is Peter's story; an 18 year old boy who takes a journey through a conservative southern all-male university in order to discover himself. With the help of his roommate, Joe and his roommate's girlfriend, Bess, Peter begins to explore more about himself and his values only to be crushed by those who love him.

Mike Rogers has all kinds of things for you to do on Blogactive to make sure this gets a lot of attention and also make sure that members of Congress and religious right leaders hear about this, so go and take some action on his site.