Friday, October 31, 2008

The Impact of the Obama Infomercial

I think you will find this audio clip below very interesting. The Obama infomercial turned out to be a ratings smash for several networks on Wednesday. If the calls we received on the show yesterday from people across the country are any indication, then the 30-minute ad could give him a boost. And if that's the case, we'll likely start seeing that in the polling today and over the weekend.

We received calls from several people who were undecided who made up their minds to vote for Obama after seeing the infomercial. We also heard from several people who were "soft Obama" (former Hillary Clinton supporters) who truly committed after seeing it, greatly affected by it.

But most significant was that we heard from, and heard about, people who were McCain supporters who changed their minds after viewing it. Sure, it's anecdotal and could amount to not much. But it also could be reflective of something more widespread. Below is a clip from the show, a call from a man named Michael in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a man who works at a medical practice with 42 doctors. Listen in to what he has to say about how people at work were talking about the Obama infomercial.