Thursday, October 09, 2008

Log Cabin: John McCain "Paid a Price" For Helping You

David Ehrenstein in LA Weekly weighs in on the story of Mark Buse, John McCain's gay chief of staff. Some choice quotes from Patrick Sammon of the Log Cabin Republicans:

Patrick Sammon, president of the gay conservative Log Cabin Republicans (which decried the outing as “the politics of personal destruction”), sees things differently: “You can’t out someone who has been openly gay for many, many years. This is silly...”

"...Senator McCain voted no on the Federal Marriage Amendment [limiting marriage to a man and a woman], the most important issue of the last 10 years,” claims Log Cabin’s Sammon. “He’s the only candidate in this race who has paid a price for making a vote that benefited gay and lesbian people..."

"...“Two days after it’s passed, the platform is put in a drawer for the next four years. The focus should be on candidates. We’ve had a number of discussions with Senator McCain, and I know we’re not going to agree with him on every issue, but he’s always demonstrated a willingness to engage in discussion. I should also point out that strategically for our movement, I think it would be a huge mistake to put all our chips on one side of the table...”

This is positively delusional. John McCain is antigay, whatever he truly believes. He votes antigay and that's really all that matters.