Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Log Cabin Republicans Defend Palin "Choice" Remark


From Log Cabin Republican's Scott Tucker:

Gov. Palin didn’t ramble uncomfortably about a ‘lifestyle’ or use the opportunity to reiterate her opposition to marriage for gay couples. She didn’t use the opportunity to express opposition to any gay rights legislation. Gay Democrats are pouncing on her use of the word ‘choice’ in talking about gay people. But, when asked the direct question by Charlie Gibson in a previous interview whether people choose to be gay, she said she didn’t know. Again, I think that’s where the vast majority of Americans are on this issue-they simply don’t know whether people choose to be gay.

We know that people don’t ‘choose’ their sexual orientation and we’ll continue educating all Republicans about that issue.

The don't seem to want to face the fact that this woman belongs to a church that promotes "conversion" therapy for gays. Of course she believes it's a choice.

So, she really didn't mean what she said -- they sound like John McCain himself making excuses for her various screw ups.