Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McDonald's Denies Caving In

We talked a lot about this on the show yesterday. The American Family Association called off its boycott, claiming the company had ceded to its demands and pulled out of the National Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce. Lots of angry calls, though we were all going by the AFA press release -- which is notorious for lying.

We've now spoken with McDonald's and with the gay group, and both are denying any cave in, as this report notes as well. We got more information on it and I'll go through the details on the show. McDonald's isn't exactly trying to clarify this from the roof tops, but that could be more about corporate bureaucracy -- they farm out a lot of their p.r. -- than trying to keep this below the theocrats' radar. But I think there's more to come. We're trying to see get someone from McDonald's on the show.