Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On Today's Show

McCain calls Obama a "liar," while people at his rallies are calling him a "terrorist," and Sarah Palin's supporters are screaming "kill him!" at her rallies.

We'll go through all the ugliness, heading into the debate in Nashville tonight.
And, we'll look back at some issues the media had been reluctant to shed light on: Sarah Palin's ties to the secessionist group who's anti-American leader appeared to be trying to get explosives. And, John McCain's very close relationship with G.Gordon Liddy, a convicted felon and Watergate criminal, who admitted he was plotting to murder journalist Jack Anderson and plotting to bomb the Brookings Institution.

Domestic terrorism indeed!

Also: a poll in California shows a shift in favor of the marriage amendment. What does this mean? We'll get into it all, and we'll also discuss the debate tonight and take calls on what you think each candidate needs to do.

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