Thursday, October 16, 2008

On Today's Show

We'll go through the debate, all the high points and low points -- including Joe the Plumber and Bill Ayers -- and take apart all of John McCain's scare tactics and bluster. We'll also take your calls on who you think won and where it all goes from here.

What's going on in Ohio? 200,000 votes at stake, and it's going to the Supreme Court. Not again!

Washington, D.C. is sued for prejudice--against "ex-gays"

And...the White House sent Cabinet officials to campaign at taxpayer expense, a report says. Why are we not surprised?

Also: At 4:30 ET we'll focus in on the Connecticut gay marriage ruling and what is going to happen from here as conservatives try to launch a drive to stop it. Anne Stanback, executive director, Love Makes a Family, a Connecticut gay group, will join me to fill us in.