Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Phobes Targeting Hallmark

Antigay activists are targeting Hallmark because of the decision to create greeting cards for same-sex couples. The Family Policy Networkin California is urging people to write Hallmark. Pam Spaulding's got a bunch of the the twisted letters up. You should go see them all, but here are a few:

* Dixie in Watsonville, CA writes, "God created Adam and Eve to marry not Joseph and Steve or Mary and Eve!"

* Kathy in Mission Viejo, CA writes, "You are putting the dollar over principle. How many cards will you sell to homosexuals vs. non homosexuals? Do the math!"

* Sherrie in Carmichael, CA writes, "I have been collecting Precious Moments figurines for many years now. I won't be buying them from your stores anymore."

* James in Cobb Mountain, CA writes, "Please remove all cards & greetings that support the homosexual lifestye; as it is SIN; and against The Word Of God; Our Families; and Nation."