Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wacky Janet

We played this "newscast from the future we must never see" from Janet "Faith2Action" Porter (formerly Janet Folger -- she got married!) on the show yesterday. Janet is a favorite on the show. We have so many clips from her radio show, going back to the hate crimes bill in 2006, and listeners just can't get enough of her madness. (We once had her booked to come on my show -- and I was going to go on her show, or so her producer had said -- but Jerry Falwell died that day, and she never rescheduled!)

This one is pretty nutty, but it is actually a rip-off of her own "Letter From a Future Prisoner," a column she wrote earlier this year for Wing Nut Daily, back when she thought Hillary Clinton would win. In that column, which I read on the air through tears of laughter, Janet was in jail, locked up under "Christian persecution," which "President Hillary" had begun, or some such insanity (and she of course manages to plug her book in the letter.) What's even more wacky is that the column was meant to scare people into voting for Huckabee in the primaries because Janet didn't believe McCain could beat Hillary, but the new video TV report from the future (on something she calls 911 News) is meant to scare people into voting for McCain so we don't have a President Obama. You've got to watch this craziness. We had a lot of laughs on the show playing it!

Pam Spaulding's got a lot more on Janet -- whom Pam rightly dubs the "Queen Bee of the Religious Right"-- and her long, kooky career.