Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My "Blacklist?"

Ok, here is the transcript of The O'Reilly Factor where Laura Ingraham spoke with conservative Andrew Breitbart (close friend of closet case Matt Drudge) who pretty much claimed I am the ringleader of a supposed "blacklisting" campaign in Hollywood of Prop 8 supporters and then said he actually spoke with me about protesting a mosque -- all of which is just a flat out lie. Honestly, this whole thing is just plain nutty.

Let me first say that this "blacklist" term is pretty hilarious coming from people who send out lists of abortion providers as well as names of retail businesses to boycott that don't use the word "Christmas" in their decorations. What they are referring to by "blacklisting" of course is the decision by some LGBT people not to support companies that gave money to Prop 8 or whose executives gave to Prop 8. Ingraham actually did a piece later on during the same show in which she hails the Grucci fireworks family for pulling out of a parade in Long Island because it changed its name from the "Christmas Parade" to the "Holiday Parade," and she defended the family's right not to do business with people with whom they don't agree. Somehow that's fine but what gay activists are doing is "blacklisting."

But anyway, whatever you want to call it I honestly have not been involved in these efforts. Sure, I know a few of the businesses being boycotted because we've discussed them on the show -- and I certainly support efforts to spend gay dollars wisely -- but I could not recite to you anything amounting to a list because I've just been too busy with a lot of other things, let alone involved in any "blacklisting." Here's Breitbart on The O'Reilly Factor:

"Well, this is a more conspicuous form of blacklisting. It happens for conservatives every single day in Hollywood...But this is the same group of people back in the 1980s, Michelangelo Signorile, who started OutWeek magazine, who started to out people who were actually gay who didn't agree with the activist left agenda for the gay community. So what's happening right now is those schoolyard bullies are back, playing a bigger game on a bigger playground."

It's pretty hilarious to be called a "bully" by someone on Bill O'Reilly's show. Of course, Breitbart offers no evidence of any "blacklist" or my involvement -- basically he just uses my name and says I'm on a "bigger playground," whatever that means.

And you've just got to get a load of this exchange (bold is mine):

BREITBART: Well, what's so important about this issue right now is that George Clooney is silent, and secondly, President-elect Barack Obama is against gay marriage. Joe Biden, Vice President-elect Joe Biden is against gay marriage. So were Bill and Hillary Clinton when they implemented don't ask, don't tell and the Defense of Marriage Act.

What they have done specifically is isolate conservative groups, the Mormon Church, which is safe. I asked Michelangelo Signorile to go down to a local mosque with a group of angry activist left people and to protest the Islamic position on gay marriage. He won't do that.


BREITBART: And he won't go after President-elect Barack Obama. President-elect Barack Obama has an aggressive attitude towards gay rights in this country, and they allow for him to get away with it.

Not surprising that he forgets the part where the Clintons, Obama and Biden are opposed to marriage amendments, including Prop 8, even as they aren't in favor of same-sex marriage. But what is most outrageous here is I have never met this man, nor ever spoken with him. That claim that he asked me to protest a mosque is just a fabrication, unless there is some article somewhere in which he publicly asked me to so -- but I cannot find anything like that anywhere on the web.

And it's a silly point he's trying to make anyway: Of course I would protest a mosque if Muslims had poured 20 million dollars into Prop 8 at the behest of their leaders, just as Mormons did. Also, I have been very critical of Barack Obama and his position on marriage -- just read through the past year on this blog. I'm not at all shocked by that kind of distortion, but Breitbart's claiming he spoke to me when he did not is just crackpot stuff.

The clip of the segment is here if you care to watch it.