Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama on Prop 8

Barack Obama forcefull states again this morning on MTV (clip below) that he is opposed to Prop 8, responding to the effort by proponents of Prop 8 to use his opposition to gay marriage for their cause. I'm glad he spoke out here again -- I wish we had more time to effectively use it for ads -- though by once again stating that marriage is "between a man and woman" I think he might still give comfort to some who are inclined to vote for Prop 8.

The Democratic argument that they're opposed to marriage and see it as between "a man and woman" but are very much opposed to amendments that ban marriage for gays has never made sense. We all know they actually have no problem with marriage for gays, but are just afraid of saying it. And I think most people get that. And if they don't, then they take what they want, because Dems like Obama serve up a smorgasbord of items for either side to pick or choose from. That's a problem, and something we need to talk about going forward.