Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More No on 8 Fallout

Rolling Stone has a piece that's getting a lot of attention, mostly because the criticisms we've seen on the blogs and in the gay press are now getting in the mainstream. We'll tall about some of the issues raised in the piece on the show today:

[E]vidence of entrenched homophobia and religious intolerance obscure a more difficult truth. Prop 8 should have been defeated — two months before the election, it was down 17 points in the polls — but the gay-rights groups that tried to stop it ran a lousy campaign. According to veteran political observers, the No on Prop 8 effort was slow to raise money, ran weak and confusing ads, and failed to put together a grass-roots operation to get out the vote.

"This was political malpractice," says a Democratic consultant who operates at the highest level of California politics. "They fucked this up, and it was painful to watch. They shouldn't be allowed to pawn this off on the Mormons or anyone else. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and now hundreds of thousands of gay couples are going to pay the price."

Your thoughts?