Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On Today's Show

Oy, once again I forgot to list our guests -- and we had two great interviews -- on the show. I'll tell you more about them, but for right now, the topic we're going to discuss in fourth hour is this phrase, on the cover of the Advocate: Gay is the New Black. Is gay really the new black? My guest in the third hour, Jason Barlett, African-American gay Connecticut state representative, said this is NOT a good idea for the LGBT movement, and is only going to alienate people. We're going to discuss it on the show in the 5 pm ET hour and take calls. Your thoughts?

Update: I know the phrase is meant playfully, with a double entendre, a play on fashion headlines about what color is now as ubiquitous as black for the season. But what Barlett was pointing to was how people, particularly African-Americans, take it while passing a newsstand. He did, by the way, really like the article, just not the headline.