Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wingnuts Casting Mormons as Victims

Jonah Goldberg, in the LA Times, castigates that paper and Hollywood liberals for supporting gay activists who are now, he believes, treating the Mormons the way Jews were treated in Nazi Germany. This is the strategy they'll be taking from here on in, casting Prop 8 as an expression of religious faith and those who criticize supporters as victimizers. Nevermind that this is simply about gays and their allies deciding where to put their money -- a right in a America, I thought -- and focusing on those who took an action (supporting a campaign with dollars) and not just a religious belief:

It's amazing. Hollywood liberals, who shout "McCarthyism!" as a first resort, see nothing wrong with this. If Jews were attacked in this way for giving too much money to a political cause, Barbra Streisand would already have a French passport.

Never mind that Proposition 8 carried nearly every demographic slice of voters. Put aside the fact that the Catholic Church and scores of other Christian churches supported it too. Discount the inconvenient truth that bans on gay marriage have now passed in 30 states. It's all the Mormons' fault.

I could go point for point on this weak and ridiculous comparison to the Jews, but I'll let all of you do that here and I'll take this on during the show today.