Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Advocate Column, and Some Context

I've started a new column for the Advocate, the gay newsmagazine that is now going monthly.

This first column was written shortly after my interviews with Rachel Maddow and Pam Spaulding, but before the Rick Warren controversy erupted. I stress that because Rachel did a highly commendable job on that controversy -- and I gave her kudos right here --- but the coverage wasn't indicative of her coverage on Prop 8 and LGBT issues before Pam's criticisms of her and before her appearance on my show. The column went to pres two days before the Warren controversy, and I did add a note to the online version as you will see. Just wanted to give some context to this, as I'm sure many will say, "Wait, look at what she did with Rick Warren." But again, that came after the criticisms, and I would say back to them, precisely -- an example of how powerful Rachel can be, how I hope she covers gay issues from here on, and how thankful I am that we have her.

P.S. The comments do seem to be back up, but don't count on it. And many have lost while many people are still telling me they can't post. We'll be going to Js-kit fully in few days and saying good-bye to haloscan forever.