Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On Today's Show

At 3:30 ET: David Hill became the second man fired by a Tennessee hotel this week, simply because he is gay, underscoring the reason why we need the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed. We'll speak with him.

At 4:30 ET: Barack Obama has often referred to Abraham Lincoln as a president he models himself on, and certainly the media has made many references to Lincoln (the whole Team of Rivals bit) and Obama. Obama and his family went to the Lincoln Memorial the other night to pay homage, and there will be a concert there as part of the inaugural festivities at which Bishop Gene Robinson, the openly gay bishop will give the invocation. Much of the inaugural, we're told, will harken back to Lincoln.

But there is an aspect of Lincoln -- and the memorial -- that has not been focused on, and yet, in the wake of the Rick Warren controversy it's certainly relevant. Tomorrow we'll get to the memorial, but today we'll rebroadcast my interview with historian Jean Baker, who wrote the introduction the the book by the late Kinsey researcher, The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, the controversial book that focused on Lincoln's sexuality and his apparent love of men.

Also: What intriguing thing did Max Blumenthal say on the show last week about CNN's Roland Martin, and what is Martin's response? You'll hear it all today on the show.