Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Questions Raised by Haggard Accuser

This latest chapter in the Ted Haggard story brings me back to the shooting at the New life Church back in December of 2007. When you listen to this man, Grant Hass, tell his story, discussing how he felt violated and abused, it doesn't seem crazy to believe that someone similarly struggling and exploited by Haggard just might be so traumatized he'd go on a shooting spree. There was lots of discussion at the time about spree shooter Michael Murray perhaps having been put into an "ex-gay" program, and in a letter he wrote he was angry with Ted Haggard, whose photo was found in his home. No direct connections of course. But many lingering questions, and new ones raised, around all this and what shame and homophobia drive people to do. We'll get into it all on the show.