Saturday, January 03, 2009

Twittering on the Show

Next week when we're back on the air I'll introduce the option for people to send in their thoughts via Twitter (not sure if I should capitalize that or not at this point). I've been using Facebook to update people on the show and also take comments sometimes during the show so this should just add to that ability. Facebook has been particularly useful during the show for people who are at work, listening in on headsets, who can't call because they'll get busted by their bosses. Twitter should help them out as well.

Facebook has also been useful for me to let listeners know something that is happening when we're not on the air, such as when I do the occasional TV appearance that comes up at the last minute, or when I just get hit with idea that I want to let you know we'll be discussing. Again, Twitter will do the same. You can follow me on Twitter at msignorile or just go here. I may also put the twitter updates on the blog, but more on that later.

Also, no listener survey comments posted this week because we obviously were off and I didn't read any on air. But we'll be back at it next week, and if you haven't already, and are a listener to the show, please take the listener survey by clicking through on the right of the page.