Monday, February 16, 2009

Bill Clinton's "Regrets"

We had activist Cleve Jones on the show on Friday to talk about activists' anger over Bill Clinton giving a speech over the weekend at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. The hotel has been boycotted by LGBT activists and union organizers for months because owner Doug Manchester gave $125,000 in seed money for Prop 8 and also has been involved in ongoing labor disputes.

Hundreds of activists protested on Sunday after Clinton refused to pull out, and Clinton sent his "regrets." Andy Towle has the all of the the details.

It's really pathetic that Clinton didn't just pull out or move the speech to another venue. The organizers of the trade group he spoke to would have accommodated him. He's Bill Clinton. This is just another snub in a long line of them. I'm glad to see activists out in full force. The entire Democratic establishment -- from Obama with Warren to Clinton with Manchester -- just doesn't give a damn about us. And that's because our groups have sucked up and accepted crumbs.