Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learning Lessons

I thought President Obama did a pretty good job last night of laying out the stimulus plan and taking on the Republicans for their obstruction, getting back some traction in this debate. He explained complex ideas in simple terms, ridiculed the critics' attacks and laid the responsibility with Republicans if this doesn't pass, warning of "catastrophe."

It's what he should have been doing all along, but better late than never. He also talked about lessons learned, realizing he perhaps should have started with no tax cuts, knowing what they'd do in the end. Let's hope he takes that lesson to heart. These people don't want "reaching out" and bipartisanship, and we certainly shouldn't be compromising if they aren't going to budge.

Overall, I liked Obama's first press conference in terms of the difference in style from George W. Bush -- he actually knows what he's talking about -- and the way he is very deliberate and thoughtful in his answers. He came off confident, knowledgeable and at ease. He should be doing this a lot more, and I think he will. He covered a range of issues beyond the stimulus and we'll go through it on the show.