Saturday, February 14, 2009

Talking Back

As usual on Saturdays, below are some of the listener survey comments that I read on show this week, edited for space. If you haven't taken the survey and are a listener, please do by clicking through on the right. Thanks!

So, I tuned into my GAY radio station yesterday to find a discussion about athletes! I guess you can't escape sports anywhere! I understand why this was discussed but with all of the news in the world was it really that important? I saw the A-Rod, or whatever the hell his name is, interview on MSNBC and from what I can tell his biggest problem is intellectual and not chemical. As for Michael Phelps, it turns out he is a vapid, immature, pot smoking, jock-big shocker there. The real scandal is that these two are held up as heros and paid millions of dollars to play games.

Houston, TX
Simply love the way the show is laid out and hope you are around a long time.

Asheboro, NC
Please please please you need to talk a LOT more about the UAFA(Uniting American Families Act). It is an important piece of legislation and there are countless gay americans and their partners living in limbo every day. I'm so dissapointed that the gay community has not really gotten behind this. Marriage is important but please remember, even if equal marriage was made legal tomorrow, immigration is on a federal level and an estimated 40,000 couples would be in the same situation of not being able to sponsor their spouce or partner. It's a cruel and inhumane choice people like me who are in a binational relationship have to make. Your country or your spouse.

Kendall Park, NJ
I love Michelangelo's political mind.

Hartville, MO
Love the show-had to laugh at one of the listener responses that suggest a log cabin republican on the show -- when do these cretins realize that the reason the show is so good is that it is because it is your show and looking at things through your perspective and than opening it up for dialogue. Oh well, some people just don't have a clue.

Bel Air, MD
I LOVED your coverage of the election. I work with conservatives all day, and I turned on OutQ the minute I left work, heaving a sigh of relief that there was sanity somewhere in this world. Post-election, I've been a little less interested. I'm not overly interested in subjects that are more gossipy, like sex scandals. It is good to be reminded how prevalent sexual misconduct is among self-appointed leaders in the clergy and in politics... I just don't need a heavy dose of that. I'm bisexual. The father of my daughter died when she was very young. Years later I married another man. It isn't that I couldn't have a relationship with a woman, but since I'm married now and am monogamous, I look pretty straight. Gay life has returned to my life recently because my 14 year old daughter came out to me. She had no idea of my past. But thank God for that past, because I've been able to be much more supportive of her than straight parents generally would be. She is my heart. So, I'm interested in topics related to parenting gay children. Well, Keep Up the Great Work, Michelangelo!

La Grange, GA
I like hearing you take on the latest "newsmakers." You are the main reason I keep my Sirius radio. Please keep up the good work!

Wharton, NJ
I sometimes feel that you get off on a tangent and it becomes boring. You will repeat the same thing over and over and over. We get it. most of your fans have brains and sometimes you speak as if we are idiots.

West Branch, MI
I think that your show is awesome. You're very diverse in all subjects. And fair on all views. You give people a chance to show their points of views. Not like Rush Limbaugh (radio power freak). Keeo the great work up.