Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today's Show: Killing Made Easy

At 3:30 ET: I'll speak with Lee Swislow, executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders in Boston, the legal advocacy group which successfully argued for marriage equality in Massachusetts. Yesterday the group filed suit seeking federal benefits for gay and lesbian married couples in that state, challenging the Defense of Marriage Act.

At 4:30 ET: A few weeks ago I spoke with P.W. Singer, author of Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century. It's about the current and future war technology that increasingly disconnects human beings from doing the killing, mechanizing mass death through the use of robots, high-tech drones, computers and other means. Shoot an Iraqi: Art, Life and Resistance Under the Gun is a perspective on this reality by an Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal. He created an unsettling interactive performance piece: for one month, he lived alone in a prison-sized room in the line of fire of a remote-controlled paintball gun and a camera that connected him to Internet users around the world. Visitors to the gallery, thousands of them, shot at him 24 hours a day. The project received worldwide attention and Bilal was named Artist of the Year by the Chicago Tribune. I'll speak with Wafaa Bilal about Shoot an Iraqi, his chronicle of the piece and perspective on it.