Monday, April 27, 2009

Did McGreevey "Storm Out" of Outrage?

Kevin Naff reports that Jim McGreevey "stormed out" of the Outrage premiere on Friday night. I guess it's how you define "storming out." I did hear later from the filmmakers at the party downtown that McGreevey wasn't happy about the film's inclusion of an interview with his former wife. He is scheduled to appear on a panel with me this Friday night after a screening at the Directors Guild of America, and perhaps he will cancel.

But I can say that I saw a very friendly and seemingly pleasant ex-governor after the film and not one who appeared to have "stormed out." McGreevey was sitting in front of me at the film. There was a Q & A after the film, with the director, Kirby Dick, and McGreevey sat through it. If he was so angry wasn't that the time to storm out? When that ended, we all exited the theater in the slow fashion that people do, and McGreevey spotted me and gave me a big, big, big hello. Smiling, hand-shaking, very jovial. A man then approached McGreevey and said, "You were the hero of the film." McGreevey smiled, and demurred, putting his hand on me and saying, "No, no, this guy is a hero every day." He then introduced me to his partner, I introduced them to my partner, and we all continued to file out. Perhaps he stormed out of the lobby after having a delayed reaction and a sudden flash of anger. And again, maybe he was not happy with the film. But I didn't see him "storming out."