Friday, April 10, 2009

OutQ's Award for Laramie Project Special

Romaine Patterson and Derek Hartley of "Derek And Romaine," which follows my show on OutQ on Sirius XM (6-10 ET), accepted a Special Recognition GLAAD Award for '"THE LARAMIE PROJECT: 10 YEARS LATER – THE LASTING LEGACY OF MATTHEW SHEPARD', a radio special on OutQ which was conceived and produced my Romaine, who was a friend of Matthew Shepard's. It aired on OutQ on the 10th anniversary of his brutal murder. You can watch them accepting the award, introduced by Stockard Channing here, and you can download "The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later," on the Sirius OutQ homepage.

Also, take a read of Derek's rightful criticism of the media, particularly LGBT media, for ignoring this important production and recognition. Seeing as a lot of GLAAD Awards go to mainstream media that really don't deserve it -- you all know my take on that -- it would have been nice to focus on a project that deserved credit. Go DNR!