Monday, May 04, 2009

Hate Radio's Amputee Stump Fetish

Last week on the show we sampled some right-wing hate radio discussions on the hate crimes bill, which of course passed in the House. If passed by the Senate and signed by the president (as promised) it will include gays and lesbians and transgender people under the existing federal hate crimes statute.

One place where we always turn is Faith2Action, Janet Folger Porter's radio program (scroll down to the show and the "introduction by Janet). We can always count on Janet (who made a name for herself in the 90s pushing crackpot "ex-gay" therapies) to force our listeners to pull off the road, laughing hysterically.

Janet, as we affectionately call her, didn't disappoint last week. She opens the show announcing that the world had changed as we know it.

Then her Capitol Hill "reporter," Andrea Lafferty -- daughter of Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition -- tells Janet that if the hate crimes bill is passed it will mean amputee stump fetishists would be able to sexually assault her brother and if she tried to stop them she'd be charged with a hate crime! That of course is insane: first and foremost the supposed fetishist would be charged with sexual assault, and sorry, but this person would not be covered under the hate crimes bill even if attacked because the bill has nothing to do with sexual fetishes or protection of them. But that is what wingnuts try to conflate with homosexuality. Anyway, listen in (there was, unfortunately, a problem with their audio, so it gets garbled at some point, but you get the general idea).