Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hell Has Frozen Over

It’s true! Ted Olson, George W. Bush’s former solicitor general and the man who successfully argued before the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore in 2000, ushering in the most destructive presidency in history now supports marriage equality for gays and lesbians, taking a marriage case to federal court. The idea that I'm in bed with this loathsome character has me wanting to take lots of baths. And gay activists are quick to point out that a federal case now, in this conservative judicial climate, could result in a ruling that is a setback. Still, barring a conspiracy theory in which Olson is actually trying to thwart us on behalf of conservatives, you have to see this as another example of how far things have come and how we are winning big time. And if a Bush ideologue is now on board, what does that say about how far behind a certain Democratic president -- and constitutional attorney himself -- is. How pathetic does this make Obama look?