Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

As usual, some of the listener survey responses I read on the show this week, edited for space. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking on the right. Thanks!

Salt Lake City, UT (XM)
The real value of your show to me comes from 2 angles. The first is that there is very little GLBT news/talk/commentary out there at all and of course none on local radio/television. The second and more importantly is the current issues that you present. Both the presentation and discussion are valuable, since in Utah there is very little commentary or news that isn't right filtered. I am also pleased that while you don't cut the right a break, you often don't cut the left a break. I like that you call bull shit when you see it. I can take or leave the shows before and after you, but always feel a lot more intelligent after listening to your show. Thanks!

Colati, CA (Sirius)
I don't watch TV much. The Signorile show is mostly boring, but sometimes not, so I listen. I wish Signorile would be less "Nancy Grace" and cover more Gay topics.

LaPorte, IN (XM)
I love the show and wish I had XM at the office and at home.

Austin, TX (Sirius)
So very happy that there is a show like this to listen to a gay opinion. Though I may not always agree with Michael, he is very intelligent and informed and I appreciate the discussion. 3 cheers for Michael and Rachel Maddow!

Toronto, ON, Canada (Sirius)
I am so amazed by the current crap being listed by the so called Christian groups against gay marriage. We had the same rhetoric here in Canada, and so far the country has yet to collapse nor has marriage as an institution. I know of no other country where it has taken place crumbly yet either. Pardon me but what makes the United States of America so special that it is going to collapse from the passing of a gay marriage act? I am really tired of the other side getting so much play on your show as if they should be paid attention to. Lets discuss issues which are affecting us from our perspective and not give any credence to these idiots by acknowledging they might even have a point.

Ottawa, ON, Canada (Sirius)
Michelangelo, I am finding myself a bit frustrated by your lack of Canadian content. If you add the population of our two countries together, Canada equals 10% of your listener base. Your Canadian content coverage is significantly less. Sounding whiny, am I? You actually took your show to the Republican and Democratic conventions, where were you at the Liberal Party's convention? Did it cross your mind to go to it? Who is the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada now? Sorry to sound rough, but this is a common problem in Canada, Americans who pay token attention to us, appreciate when we help them out, but really pat us on the head and say "Thank you little Canadians, we appreciate you" and then walk away. Still though - great show Michelangelo... just a few small improvements.

Sydney, NS, Canada (Sirius)
My boyfriend and I discovered the station on a long road trip and we were instantly hooked! I especially enjoy listening to your show. Living on a relatively isolated island on the east coast of Canada it's nice to hear a sensible voice from the greater LGBT community. I love catching a new topic, or piece of news, from your show, and then racing home to explore it further on the Internet. Keep on talking, and I'll keep on listening.

Pouch Cove , NL, Canada (XM)
keep up the great work!

Syracuse, NY (Sirius)
Michelangelo - excellent show! I most enjoy your analysis of news topics. I also enjoy your commentary about religion, and when you have guests on around the topic of religion vs. atheism.

Austin TX (Sirius)
Your show, and your channel's, appearance on XM was nothing short of a godsend, especially with the disappearance of Randi Rhodes from the airwaves. I even have my straight co-worker who also has XM listening to you from time to time, especially your political interviews where you essentially expose the subject to be an emperor with no clothes.

Denver, CO (Sirius)

I never was interested in politics or what happened to my kind. I am so happy I have been listening to you for 3 years now. The insight that you give is great. You really make me think about what is going on in the world. I really don’t have any comments about the shows contents only that I can’t wait for Noon my time to come each day. I really like following you on Twitter as well it gives me another medium to follow what is going on. Thanks for all you and your staff do. I really need it.

Concord, CA (XM)

Dear Michael, I find your show and the voice that you bring to it, one of the most enlightened of those appearing anywhere. Your grasp of the news and your take on it, are so refreshing that I could listen to you all day. My gay husband and I both think you are the best. And there are so many times I want to call in, but never get to.

Baltimore, MD (XM)

I love Michael's political analysis and his ability to remain calm -- regardless of how ridiculously stupid a caller (or guest) may be. Your coverage of the Warren fiasco was wonderful. You keep me thinking & laughing. Keep up the great work! Teabag Rush!

Houston, TX (Sirius)
I love watching your clips on CNN when you appear there, but can you please wear a nicer tie? The ties you wear look like you borrowed them from you father! I'd be happy to mail you one! Love the show....Thanks Michelangelo!

Monroe, MI (Sirius)
I really enjoy your insight into all things regarding the LGBT community. It is refreshing that as an older gay man, I am still learning new things about our family. That being said, I find it very irritating sometimes when someone disagrees with you, you just shut them off and try to force your opinion on them. We are all entitled to our opinions, and we don't all have to agree. I will still listen to you and continue to learn more insights about things happening in our world.

Houston, TX (XM)
Mike, I think your show is great. I often find myself cheering you on while you are sticking it to some right wing, christen, moron who can only say "can i finish" when you try to get them to explain their bullshit views and stop them from spreading their venomous hate.