Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you haven't taken the listener survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Port Richey, Fl (XM)

You made me realize I can't be true to myself and vote Republican. Thank you so much. I found a new peace.

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
I have sort of gone through most of my life sleepily when it comes to gay issues, in that I have been supremely lucky in life never to have been discriminated against. Listening to your show the last couple of years has gotten me to shake off my lethargy, get involved and endeavor to help people not as lucky. Thanks for the wake up call!

Hoboken, NJ (Sirius)

I've often heard Michelangelo read listener surveys that comment re: his listening abilities - which he then usually dismisses through a variety of rationalizations. It's unfortunate this feedback doesn't seem to make a difference. Sometimes I want to reach into my radio, up to the satellite, and down to the studio, grab Michelangelo by the lapels and say "Shut the fuck up and listen!" Other times, Michelangelo is clearly bored by a caller and distractedly paraphrases what the caller says in a way that shows he's completely checked out. If Michelangelo could improve in these areas, he could be more than an interesting diversion and more of a compelling host.

Hartford, CT (Sirius)
The Michelangelo Signorile Show is by far the best talk radio political show on all of satellite radio. Michelangelo runs a very diverse program and does not play around. He cuts to the chase and allows nobody to call up and b.s. without backing up one's claims. I like that he challenges the dimwits who know nothing and just call thinking they can repeat mindless chatter (usually right wing crap). Mr. Signorile lets these jokers have their say before showing them what idiots they are. The other hosts on the left like to boast how great they are and self-promote, but Michelangelo does not do such stunts. Although I am a true leftist, I do not care for most of the liberal talkers. Yet, I cannot say this about Michelangelo Signorile--who is the best out there today if one is both a thinker and a true leftist who does not waver in one's views such as being for gay marriage and full equality without flinching one bit.

Northborough, MA (Sirius)

I love the show. Absolutely love the show. I'm kind of hooked. I listen in the car on the way home, then race in the house to turn it on via the Internet. I like how forceful Michelangelo is, he’s excellent at reigning in callers. I love how he explains the issues, he really fleshes them out and gives all the nuances, which is my favorite part of the show. He picks great guests, and he's very good at interviewing them. He doesn't shy away from the questions we all want to hear. Okay, one more time, can I tell you how much I love this show?

Newburgh, NY (Sirius)
Yes, you are an elitist.

Clarion, PA (Sirius)

You can always tell when Mike's argument is the most tentative, that's when he grabs on like a pit bull. (Like what's her name, Preejean). He is at his best when he is excited but lets the conversation flow.

Mobile, AL (XM)

I'd like you to have more debates on the show with people who have very strong views other than yours. You are a great debater and you need to use that skill on the show more.

New Castle, PA (XM)

I loved your recent coverage of the Angie Zapata trial and the interviews with Autumn Sandeen. I felt like I had a scoop when I was able to post a blog within an hour of hearing the verdict on your show!

Long Beach, CA (XM)

Thank you for your thought provoking show. You provide a well balanced, logical look at the issues. When you first came on XM, I became instantly hooked. I only wish your show existed years ago as it would have helped me come out earlier.