Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by clicking on the right. Thanks!

Baltimore, MD, (Sirius)
I purchased Sirius Internet Radio so I could catch your show more often. I like your analysis even if I don't always agree with it. I also enjoy your non-gay news and issue analysis. And even if the people on the blog I read the most think you are too elitist and assimilationist I think you're pretty cool.

Woodstock, NB Canada (Sirius)
I'm a Canadian truck driver with a US partner and I enjoy the show every day that I am able to listen. By listening to your show, I know and understand much of the US political scene, especially when it relates to the GLBT scene. Like other Canadians, I would like to hear a little more Canadian content, but I totally understand that our friends south of the border are fighting for the rights we already enjoy, so it is of more importance to get out the information that relates to you're battle with religious extremists. Maybe as side topics on slow days, you can grab some current topics from a Canadian GLBT blog that I follow called "Slap Upside the". Keep up the political pressure.

Washoe Valley, NV (XM)
I really enjoy your show. It opens my straight mind and allows me to accept the views of others without the borders that major news organizations (ABC, etc) and religions put on what we hear and see. Once I was in the folds of major religion and swallowed everything they would spew out. Now I believe in a God but can't believe that only one religion has it right. I also think that that God created all creatures and made each one special. That includes people with different color skin and different sexual orientations. Being a straight man, I hope nothing I just wrote offends. It is not meant to, but just sometimes comes out that way. I attribute that to my past experiences mentioned before. One question I have for you... I hear you called ... Mike, Michael and Michelangelo. Which do you prefer ... just in case I call the show someday.

Jonesboro, AR (Sirius)
I prefer the hot topics on the show. When I am able to listen to all 4 hours it seems like some of the hours get boring. But all in all I love the show.

Orlando, FL (Sirius)
I love listening to your take on the current news. You bring a fresh approach to today's events and I always come away learning a lot more. thanks! ps: I saw you on CNN.. you HOG! ha ha

Hanover, PA (XM)
I am so happy to have found you, I learn alot from your show about LGBT and/or political happenings I wouldn't hear about on my network news. Thanks so much for keeping me informed and in the loop!

Plattsburgh, NY (Sirius)
I like the show but I do feel that sometimes too much time is given to a particular subject. One day recently I was listening for what seemed an eternity about that bitch Miss California, only to hear all about it again the next day. She is getting way too much attention. That ignorant young woman is nothing compared to the likes of Virginia Foxx, who should be kicked out of office.

Charlotte, NC (Sirius)
I just enjoy listening to you, Michael. You're objective and will listen to both sides of an issue. I always look forward to hearing you during my afternoon commute.

Ft Lauderdale, FL (Sirius)
I appreciate the knowledge Micheal has given me on gay issues however I do not appreciate his dislike towards TSA agents... Michael simply put you are a TSA hater... but I do appreciate your knowledge on everyday gay issues and the discussion you put forward.

Long Beach, CA (XM)
Thank you for your thought provoking show. You provide a well balanced, logical look at the issues. When you first came on XM, I became instantly hooked. I only wish your show existed years ago as it would have helped me come out earlier. It is so important for youth to know they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings. Not only is your show entertaining, you provide a public service to a minority, as well as a minority perspective on issues that is completely missed in mainstream media.