Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's All About the Money

The New York Times story today on the scramble by the White House to do something in response to the DOMA hate brief flap notes, according to unnamed White House officials, that it's all in response to the possibility of the DNC fundraiser collapsing. The story goes on to say the benefits for federal workers do not include health benefits -- thanks to DOMA -- and that the details were still being ironed out as they'd obviously not even thought this through. This was something that should have been done on day one, but here they are, going on the fly, trying to quell a furor. And why? Because it may cost them money, as the DNC fundraiser is imploding:

With the administration’s decision to stop short of extending full health insurance benefits or calling for legislation to do so, it remained an open question how significant the presidential announcement would be, Mr. Socarides said.

But administration officials said the timing of the announcement was intended to help contain the growing furor among gay rights groups. Several gay donors withdrew their sponsorship of a Democratic National Committee fund-raising event next week, where Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is scheduled to speak.

It's pathetic that taking away their money is what moves them to throw some crumbs. But as Pam Spaulding notes, it's working. We must shut down that fundraiser and all future events until they fork over something real.