Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama Commemorates Stonewall

It was nice to see President Obama commemorating Stonewall on the 40th anniversary and bringing LGBT people into the White House. But we've been here before, and it was the least a new Democratic president could do. Anyone who sees it as a "win" of any kind is setting the bar very low.

Obama pledged nothing more in his speech than what he has promised before, during his campaign speeches. Again, it looked like an important event that the president took time out to host, and the recognition of our history is equally important, by the President of the United States and many others. But this should not be what we see as a measure of our success. We have to listen to his words carefully -- and I heard nothing new, in terms of moving forward -- and still keep his feet to the fire. I will be going over the speech, as well as who was there -- and who wasn't -- on the show today in the first hour.