Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show, and haven't take the survey, please do so by clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Austin, TX (XM)
I just discovered your show, and so far, I agree with just about everything I've heard you say. I have always considered myself to be very liberal, but I seem to fall a little to the right of you on most things.

For instance, it is clear that you and others who today categorically stated that no one should "ever" resort to hitting someone obviously never grew up a minority in an ALL-white town of two thousand knuckle-dragging Okies. I endured so many "chink" epithets (and much, much worse) growing up that it finally took a toll on my sanity and my self-image. Although gay (and deeply closeted, for obvious reasons) I was nevertheless already six feet tall and no shrinking violet, so you might think the verbal abuse would have tapered off by high school. But no. I finally snapped one day and slugged one of my longtime abusers. The comments permanently ceased.

I do not advocate violence, but I am also critical of arbitrary and ironclad principles to which there are no exceptions. Perez Hilton is a loudmouth. That, of course, does not alone make him deserving of being punched, but just as you repeatedly reminded callers that we do not know all of what transpired, we also don't know how long his haranguing of had been going on or what else he said.Homos can be bullies, too. And bullies only respond to one thing. Again, I'm not advocating violence, but everyone has their threshold for abuse

Las Vegas, NV (XM)
Hi there. I like the show because it has topics I would have never heard about otherwise. Love how listeners get involved with debates. Lets me know how the rest of the community is feeling.

Frisco TX, (XM)
Great show, and you definitely provide lots to think about with discussions and guests that you have on. Looking forward to listening to Cleve Jones interview, as my partner and I are booking our trip in the next week or so to head up there. This will be our first march!

Fort Lee, NJ (Sirius)
After listening faithfully to the show for two years now, I no longer plan to listen due to the rabid, unfair, daily criticism of President Obama by Michelangelo. For the kind of inflammatory hate speech directed at the President after only 6 months in office, I could listen to Russ Limbaugh or some of the other conservative hate mongers. I don't need this from my gay talk show host.

Santa Ana, CA (Sirius)
I love your show. I think you should be one of the main leaders of the national gay movement. We are sorely in need of leadership, and you are one of the most informed and conscientious spokespeople we have.

Carroll County, OH (XM)

I love the program. My only complaint are the half-hearted attempts by the producer to interject SOUND EFFECTS during serious discussions. Leave the (not so) funny effects to the shock-jocks & Stephanie Miller. All these sound effects do is distract from the discussions. Please eliminate this practice.

Wharton, NJ (Sirius)

Today I received an email from the DNC. Of course their emails always end with a request for a donation. How dare they ask any LGBT person for a donation especially after this week when Obama's Justice Department submitted a brief re: DOMA and included offensive Gay language. I responded to the DNC without a donation and requested the DNC to SHOW UP and have Obama stand up for the LGBT community. Keep up the good commentary and informational work - you are doing a good job.

Phoenix, AZ (XM)
I get a little tired of the incessant lefty whining. Not all gay men are bleeding heart liberal overly PC whiners. Some of us are average, middle of the road, centrists.

Concord, NC (Sirius)

Mike I love your show. As a Jersey Girl born and raised but now living in the bible belt, you keep me sane. My only suggestion would be to not talk over your guests/interviews. Its a Northern NJ/NY thing because I sometimes still do it but it can get a bit frustrating listening when a guest is trying to make a point and you step on them.

Portland, Oregon (XM)

I still have both Sirius and XM radios so the actual answer in the survey to where I listen would be "both" - I'll probably drop one eventually; I bought into both when they actually had completely different programming.

Phoenix, AZ (Sirius)
I love the way you can argue both sides of an argument with your callers and interviewees, it's made me re-evaluate my opinions more than once, sometimes I change, sometimes I find myself getting the reasons to hold to my opinions. You are forcing people to think about their positions and why they feel a certain way. You challenge people and that is good, no one should take a position "just because", especially on the important issues. We need to be able to justify or supply some reasons to others sometimes.

Galveston, TX (Sirius)
Michelangelo, thanks to you and your "crew" for all the good work you are doing, keeping us informed and thoughtful to the events that affect the LGBT communities throughout the US. You provide a priceless service to us all.

Macedon, NY (Sirius)
Enjoy most of your shows. Feel you give way too much time to the closet case Cedrick. I feel if he doesn't have the balls to be out and true to who he really is then I could care less what he thinks on any issue, so until Cedriick finds his balls and is willing to be true to himself, you need to limit his calls to the following:

""Hi Cedrick, have you found your balls? Are you a man today? Did you come out to yourself or anyone else?" If the answer to all is not Yes then -- click, dial tone, goodbye.