Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. Please take the survey, on the right, if you have not done so and are a listener to the show. Thanks!

Jacksonville, FL (Sirius)
I enjoy listening to the program despite the fact that I disagree with Michael on virtually everything because I want to support OutQ. However, as a gay Republican, I feel that I am in the only part of the gay community that is not welcome here. Gay, lesbian, transgender welcome, Republican not. In my opinion, your program belongs on America left more than OutQ.It is straight Democratic party line on every issue. Despite the fact the somewhere between 20-25% of the Gay population is Republican their is no representation on your program. Not even any kind of intelligent discussion. Instead it is a daily four hour diatribe proclaiming all Republicans as crazy right wing hate mongers. It's ironic to me that a program that demands that the hate against gay people stops is actually itself an exercise in hate.

Lady Lake, FL (XM)
This is by far the best talk radio show on the radio. I have become much more politically active since I have been listening to Michelangelo. Keep up the excellent work; you are truly a voice for our community that we so desperately need.

Bisbee, AZ, (Sirius)

Your self promotion is a turnoff like saying your name over and over and your references to being on CNN...too many advertisements...You do a pretty good job of interviewing your guests but you do interrupt them at times.

Edgewater, PA (Sirius)
Your programs are always insightful and on topics nobody else wants to touch in depth. I think you analyze and explain the issues uniquely, but sometimes you should just let the cranks talk a bit without much interruption and they will hang themselves with their own twisted logic and wingnut views. You are too patient with those that are off topic and sometimes spend a lot of time repeating the same points. Overall, great show and one that I find a model of advocacy as entertainment.

Casper, WY (Sirius)
I truly enjoy listening to the show. Whatever topic you are discussing, you always listen to what the caller or guest has to say before you interject. Whether you agree with them or not, at least you let them state their opinion before you speak. I find it interesting that people will write in saying you don't give the callers a chance to speak their mind, but every time I have listened, most callers state their opinion within the first 30 seconds of their call and then they just keep back tracking. You may interrupt them, but they have already stated what they wanted to say. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy hearing you on the radio and not taking any shit from anyone! You Rock!

Albequerque, NM (XM)

I like the way you handle your callers. Never abrupt or rude. You have a class A show. Now give me a book (just kidding).

San Francisco, CA (Sirius)
I love the show. Reading Queer in America in my twenties was a seminal moment in my life. I actually finished it on an airplane, called my parents on the phone in the back of the seat in front of me and said, "No more skirting the issue. I'm out. I'm totally out forever more." So I was thrilled to discover this show on Sirius, which I bought so I could listen to Howard Stern. I feel so much more informed and engaged not only with the issues surrounding the LGBT community but all kinds of issues in general political or otherwise. I like the discussions that really inform me of things I haven't considered. For example, there was a discussion awhile back about gay Iraqis trying to form communities but also needing to relocate frequently to avoid danger. That was fascinating. I loved the recent conversation with Barney Frank. I thought he came off like a belligerent snob who feels like we should take what he offers us and be happy about it. it really made me sit up and realize that those we look to as leaders are full of human foibles and we need to watch them more carefully. During the election I participated in the real-time comments and enjoyed it very much. I've called into the show and that was exciting and left me feeling very empowered for the rest of the day. Kudos not only to Michelangelo but to David Guggenheim as well.

Pittsburgh, PA (Sirius)
Michelangelo your show is fantastic! Thanks for presenting the issues in a very intelligent way! I'm totally hooked on your show! Keep the good stuff coming,

Longview TX (XM)
I really enjoy Michelangelo. If I have one criticism of his on air performance, it is that he is frequently imprecise in his choice of words. It isn't that he doesn't know what he is talking about, it is just that he doesn't choose the exact words needed to convey the specific point he is trying to make. I ordinarily wouldn't complain about this . . . but you did ask.

Cincinnati, OH (Sirius)
I enjoy your show. I like the in depth interviews, sound effects and hearing what people think about your various and diverse subjects. I don't always agree but I do always learn.

Apex, NC (Sirius)
I like that you are a pit bull about gay issues. we need that out there. However you have to let you guests speak when you interview them. I find that I have to turn the show off because the interviews are one sided as hell. I can understand you being that way when you have some crazy guest on, but sometimes it is just too difficult to listen to.

Atlanta GA (Sirius)
Love the show - a great balance on my left side. The only criticism is that there is the occasional erudite point made by a guest or caller that is ignored when that point is in opposition to Michelangelo's ongoing hypothesis. Not a constant, but when the "ignore" tone comes into the voice, I find that I am irritated. This is caused by my love of having a full and robust double sided debate with trying to wear the shoes of both sides. For me personally, this causes my most rapid learning. On balance, my enjoyment of the show is far higher than the irritants - and so, I return again and again.

On the topic of the clips - love them. HATE Glen Beck - refuse to watch or listen to him EVER. BUT, since Michelangelo played the one clip, I did listen in order to get the full context. Please never play the full clip, but it is JUST fine to play the final scream of that fat-headed idiot. I picture that female caller of his having grabbed his balls and squeezed, twisted, and pulled as hard as she could. I CHEER her on to many happy returns.