Thursday, August 06, 2009

Glenn Greenwald on G.E., Olbermann and O'Reilly

I had Glenn Greenwald on the show again today to discuss the story about Keith Olbermann and G.E. which he has covered all week (and which I had covered as well, particularly since much of the media has not), after the New York Times revealed that G.E. had confirmed cutting a deal with News Corp to silence both Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly in their ongoing feud. Glenn wrote about this here and here, and he came on the show earlier in the week.

Today he came back on the show today to follow-up on details that came out later in the week, and talk about his own correspondence with Olbermann in which Olbermann said that everything Glenn wrote was accurate. This was in complete contradiction to what Olbermann told his viewers -- and the Times -- when he said there was "no deal," attacking the Times reporter in the process, which was a low blow. Several other liberal bloggers have weighed in, including Jason Linkins on Huffington Post, who wrote a hard-hitting piece.

Glenn and I discussed the Linkins piece, as well as the criticism coming from some readers and fans of Olbermann who think Olbermann is being attacked unfairly and also believe this story gives fodder to the right and shouldn't be discussed. One reason why I have spent so much time on it is that few media organizations and commentators covered it, because most have their own interests to protect (such as anyone else at MSNBC) or perhaps have similar conflicts regarding corporate ownership. Below is an audio clip of my full interview with Glenn Greenwald from today.