Wednesday, August 26, 2009

R.I.P. Ted Kennedy

Senator Kennedy inspired us to think big, to live up to this country's ideals and to fight for equality every day. He was a man of enormous wealth and privilege who decided to dedicate his life to fighting for others, using his name, intellect and his talents in order to serve the public.

He battled the right-wing vigorously during the 80s in trying to get funding for AIDS/HIV research and basic care, in the face of a negligent government in the grip of religious extremists. He championed LGBT civil rights early on, and whether it was hate crimes laws or marriage, he was always out front in the Senate and in political life, showing leadership and bringing others along. I'm enormously grateful to him for helping to bring our issues into the mainstream and taking the ridicule and attacks from the far right over the years -- almost daily, from hate radio to the Internet -- because he took a courageous stand. Thank you, Senator.