Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and have not taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Peabody, MA (Sirius)
I was the one who thought that "They Keep Voting" was Hilary Rosen and not Ann Coulter. If I may, I would like to suggest two new sound effects to add to your repertoire. One would be the Patti LaPone: "Who the HELL do you think you are?!!" and another would be the Larry Kramer: Why are you laughing?!!"

Gainsville, GA (Sirius)

I love listening to Michelangelo & reading his articles... he has a great voice!

Mason City, IA (XM)
You need to quantify who "People" are when you use the term in statements like "People are saying...." I want to know you aren't pulling things out of your ass.

Bristol, CT (XM)
What do you mean by "please don't drink the kool aide?" If it's a drug reference, you should drop the line.

Joshua Tree, CA (Sirius)
Michael, I really love your show and think that your entire team does a wonderful job of keeping us entertained and informed. Now for some mild criticism. I think that too often you tend to speak over those that you disagree with. I think that if you were to let them spew their crap, you would be letting them dig themselves into an hole. Let them ramble on, and in most cases, it will only give you more ammunition to tear their arguments apart.

Orlando, FL (Sirius)
I enjoy the coverage of news stories & events, but find the listener call-ins very frustrating. Mr. Signorile regularly interrupts the callers (and sometimes even his guests) when they are speaking if he thinks he knows what they are trying to say or what they will say next. This behavior is rude and disrupts the flow of the interaction. I understand that some callers go off on a tangent, but that's not always the case.....sometimes Mr. Signorile shouts his perceived 'summary' of the caller's opinion over them (and quite often he's wrong). On the days he is very fired up I simply change the channel rather than listen to him cut off every caller.

Nashville, TN (Sirius)
1ST: I think Cedric and Edric should both sit down for a BEER :-) talk it out guys... learn something from Thursday's worldwide teachable moment!

2ND: The clips of the week are GENIUS! Maybe I'm a little biased because I'm a music producer and audio editor... and I am always curious how those clips are pulled together. But, I also think the music behind the clips set a great tone for the moments being spotlighted.. ESPECIALLY when there are dramatic breaks and build-ups in the dance music.. or use of the song from the 'CHEERS' theme.. I think they are great. AND finally. It would be a shame to put so much work into the clips.. but then only hear them ONCE a week. The best thing about the Friday show is that I get to hear the clips a few times. I wish they were available for download somewhere. Please consider that.

Mobile, AL (XM)
I love the clips of the week----some things are worth listening to more than once!

Fort Lauderdale, FL (Sirius)

I love the Clips of the Week remix! The producers do an amazing job reviewing the important sound bites and compiling them to music. It regularly incites dialog, laughter and some "WTF moments" with my partner and me. It's great to listen to before happy hour or a dinner party as it reminds us of the political and GLBT hot topics of the past week. Keep up the great work!

Columbus, OH (Sirius)
I love, LOVE the show. Only thing I would request: I wish the weekly headlines(?) would be.. done differently. It can get annoying, and is sometimes even difficult to hear the headlines. Great show!

Longview, TX (XM)
I enjoy the insightful & informative analysis of current events on the show. Every time I listen to the show, I learn something new! My one [small] criticism is regarding Michelangelo's continual negative comments regarding the south (as in the southern US states). I am a southerner born & bred, and find that he regularly puts the south and us southern "rednecks" down. Just a small comment / criticism on a small issue that hit home for me. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Modesto, CA (Sirius)
Started on a road trip 2 days ago back to CA from TX, in a car that has Sirius Radio. I have listened to your show every day I have been driving, and enjoyed all of it, even called in once the first day :). Keep up the great show and the work you do. I will be signing up for Sirius Radio because of your show :).

Orlando, FL (Sirius)
I define myself as a gay conservative, which makes for mixed perspective on today's headlines. I tend to follow more conservative views when it comes to politics, but I do not define myself as a Republican due to the party being broken. I do not define myself as a Democrat as I see them as being completely out of touch with reality. I listen to the show, but I would not consider myself a fan. I listen to the show to better educate myself on how others view current topics. I probably agree with about 1 out of every 10 things that Michelangelo says, but this is America and we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Royal Palm Beach, FL (Sirius)
When you are doing phone interviews, I can hear someone talking on the phone behind you through your mic Michelangelo, not while you are talking but when the caller is talking. Does Sirius have you in a damn closet or something? Please have that guy mumbling in the back ground move away from your microphone.

Omaha, NE (Sirius)
I must fight the gay advocates of gay marriage or I will lose my job, my apartment, and my friends to the consequences. Should the government sanction my butt sex? Without basic rights I think we have more pressing matters to address.