Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Listener survey comments I read on the show this week are posted below. If you are a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Topeka, KS (XM)
You are often an ass. Today was a good example as you discussed Janet Napolitano's sexuality. I turned the station because you completely failed to acknowledge that prominent women deal with the lesbian label in a way single prominent men do not and have to contend with constant rumors and direct questions about their sexuality. Often when callers disagree with you, you fail to accept their perspectives and spin the analysis as though the caller comes around to your way of thinking...because of course you are always right. Your affect is also annoying. All this said, I listen as long as I can stomach you on my long commute, because you are gay and I want to support gays and lesbians.

Queens, NY (Sirius)
Michelangelo - I love that you are balanced and thoughtful in your discussions - even when you have a strong opinion. Your show is very easy to listen to, and the news coverage (both in your show and at the hour) is different than can be found anywhere else.

Evanston, IL (Sirius)
Love your show, but you have the most self-indulgent show introduction I've ever heard. It's kind of annoying.

Vancouver, BC Canada (XM)
You guys have put together a cracker of a show! I wish we had someone like you to do what you do in the great white north!!

Glendale, AZ (XM)
I like listening to the interviews. Michelangelo asks the guest thoughtful questions and treats them with respect. Hey, straights listen to the show too.

New York, NY (Sirius)

I love this show although I have to turn it off when I get scared. I applaud Michelangelo's courage to keep going, when I can't take it anymore.

Loyalton, CA (Sirius)

I am a single mother by choice of a 6 year old boy of mixed ethnicity. I choose not to have a television in my house so he doesn't get the mainstream media messages of homophobia or ethnocentrism. We listen to Michelangelo in the car on weekend trips into town for groceries, and he always has stuff to offer. (We had a wonderful conversation Saturday about Stu, the mayor, and his manner of dress before a group of children.) :) I listen to Jon Stewart via the web when he has episodes posted, and i listen to Rachel Maddow. I listen to you in order to help me digest and think about different issues. I live in the middle of a very conservative religious area in NE California mountains, and am starting a PFLAG chapter...wish me luck!

Meridian, CT (XM)
I do appreciate knowing when the show is a taped version, I would love to call in but then realize,," oh this isn't live". Hearing the taped show is gives me a chance to re listen..and some times I hear some thing I missed.

Edmonton, AB Canada (XM)

I like your show BUT I find you ramble on and on and on about the subject till I get exasperated, then I change the channel. I LOVE how you interact with your callers ssooo polite it's wonderful. Don't take so much time off. This week I got to listen to 4 days of reruns. Sorry, that is tooo much.

Lexington, KY (XM)
Michelangelo! Listening to your insightful and entertaining commentary is a highlight of my day. I've been outraged more often lately as you've pointed out instances of myopic, racist, paranoid fear mongering taking place at town hall meetings- case in point, that awful woman who yelled out "Heil Hitler!' to a Jewish man as he was being interviewed in Las Vegas. It was all I could do to restrain myself from calling every Papa John's in the Vegas area to deliver twenty pizzas to her house, but instead took to facebook, where there are loads of other people who are just as outraged by this woman. People like her deserve to be called out by name, and forced to justify their actions instead of settling comfortably back into the mob- good for you for not letting her off the hook!

Los Angeles, CA (Sirius)
More issues related to the African-American Gay community. It would be nice to hear topics specific to African-American Gays. To often your topics relating to these issues are more related to how they may affect the White Gay community or the Gay community as a whole.

Topeka, KS (Sirius)
Great show. I'd rather hear M report and give opinion about the news than any other news reporting entity. I most appreciate the fact that there is no hiding the political orientation--no extremists claiming to be moderates, etc. I appreciate the fairness and the criticism for all sides, no matter if M is aligned with them usually or not.

Wilton Manors, FL (Sirius)
When you talk, please get to the point quicker. You sometimes seem to repeat the same points over and over before you get to the point of your discussion. I can't tell if you do it as time filler or just can't gather your words so you circle like a plane waiting to land at O'Hare airport.

Lakeland, FL (Sirius)
Just love you Mike, if not for you, the kool-aid man would get me through my ears.

Harrisonburg, VA (Sirius)
I like it best when you focus on issues of relevance to the LGBTQ community, and least when you spend a lot of time on issues that have nothing to do with our community (like the renaming of the Sears building - what a waste of time!) I live in a city where there's very little gay life - a small community here and I'm starving for news analysis related to our issues I subscribed to Sirius SOLELY so I could have access to OutQ radio - and specifically so I could hear YOU. I get substantive information about my community and your brilliant analysis - when you stay focused on issues relevant to our community.

Coventry, RI (Sirius)
I can only say good things about you and your show. You keep us all informed with what's happening in the GLBT community, which is more than i can say for almost any news station out there. Listening to your show has really helped in motivating me to get out there and actively fight for our rights as human beings. I live in Rhode Island and I have made my voice heard for gay marriage to be legalized in the only state in New England that doesn't recognize it, thanks to you. Love you, Love your show! Just do what you do.