Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Here are some listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you have not taken the listener survey and are a listener to the show please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Oakland, CA (XM)
I can't say I always agree with you and sometimes I think you're a total whack job with an "ivory tower" outlook on the world but I listen anyway. I think it's important to have your voice and views on the air as well, however whacky they may sometimes be.

Baltimore, MD (Sirius)
I've heard people complaining about you discussing various topics outside of gay-related issues. While I do think your main focus of the show should be topics that affect the GLBT community, I think it would be a disservice to your listeners to talk about ONLY gay issues. I think there are many issues in the world that deserve discussion and are important to talk about but might not be inherently gay issues.

Clearfield, KY (XM)

I am extremely impressed with the Michelangelo's interviews. I am still haunted by the Steven Andersen interview. I was extremely impressed by your ability to calmly pose questions so that he could reveal his true character. His assertion that "God sends imperfect people to do his work" was truly chilling. How he could claim that he wasn't encouraging his congregants to do violent acts against Obama and gays is beyond me given his hateful words. Was one of the most powerful interviews I've ever heard.

Tampa, FL (Sirius)
Kudos for the great interview with Steven L. Anderson. You pushed him just hard enough without going over the line and being disrespectful. I don't understand why the secret service has not arrested him for encouraging the assassination of the President. How can someone in a position of authority stand up in public and say they hope the President or someone else dies because they have done something terrible or threaten the country? Isn't that saying to some unbalanced person that they should resort to violence?

Atlanta, GA (XM)

I just listened to (as much as I could stomach of) your interview with Steven Anderson the whacko preacher. I really wish you had been better prepared for this interview --perhaps you should have pre-recorded it so that you could be in the right frame of mind. You sounded almost as ill-informed as he did. At times you seemed to be caught in the undertow of his circular logic on what is a crime vs. murder vs. biblical teachings vs. US law etc. Have your producers looking up the biblical references.. Have a theologian available who can counter the arguments... Have a criminal lawyer available. You had an EXCELLENT opportunity to put this man in his place --but I feel you really dropped the ball on this one.

Bristol, WI (Sirius)

I love the show. Michael is very smart and I relate to his opinions and views. I feel so much more informed and in touch with the LGBT movement and culture since I began listening to the show. I find it very resourceful. I'm most proud to say I will be at the gay rights march in D. C. in October and have coordinated for others to join me/us. I don't think I'd even be aware of it if it weren't for listening to the show.

Berkeley, CA (XM)

While I don't always agree with Michelangelo, I find the show very informative regarding policy and legislature that impacts gay rights. Michelangelo has a good mix of seriousness and comedy.

Santa Rosa Beach, FL (XM)
I like when you blast idiots like Rush, Dobbs and Beck. It is refreshing to hear your views on how they twist Obama's views and try to demonize our President. I only wish the White House would listen and act on views you espouse on your show. The LGBT community needs to have DOMA and "don't ask, don't tell" repealed. I am losing faith in this Administration. In fact, I have stopped sending them my hard earned money since they have failed to support OUR concerns.

Lakewood, OH (Sirius)

I appreciate your questioning of all political views, such as, Is Obama really living up to his promise to the GLBT community? I want and will win a book this year. Keep up the great professional broadcasting.

Los Angeles, CA (XM)
I love your show. It is a shaft of sunlight in a dark sinister world that seems to get darker everyday these racist bigots are out there. They are the lowest form of humanity and insist on bringing the rest of us down with them. It's just stunning to me that our civilization feels like it is not far from the brink of self destruction while these fucks are fiddling away.

Mosheim, TN (Sirius)

Michelangelo, your show is outstanding, even for a straight (but not narrow) white man like me. I would much rather listen to your show than Sirius Left, for the best in progressive talk radio. I especially want to thank you for bringing front & center Steven L. Anderson. I am an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this man Anderson gives a very bad name to all other pastors. It is very important that people know that hate merchants such as him are out there. Please continue your show in the spirit of Love, Peace & Compassion which is there now. I pray that Peace & Love will be with you always, sir.

Dunlap, TN (XM)

I think your program is a real asset for the LGBT community. As a new listener, I really was not sure what was going on specifically in the " GAY WORLD" until now. I am able to keep up with events , news, and every now and then have a laugh. CNN cannot do that. It is really nice to know that there is a powerful voice out there who can really expose whats really going on in LGBT defense.

Ft Lauderdale, FL (Sirius)
The only major criticism I have of your show is how much time you peddle your own other businesses. Every five minutes we have a two minute discussion of exact spellings of all your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts. It is very self serving and unbecoming for such an important news show for our community. Other than that, well done!