Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Listener survey comments, many of which I read on the show this week, as well as a few more I didn't get to. If you're a listener to the show, and haven't taken the survey, please do so by clicking through on the right. Thanks. Have a great holiday weekend!

Houston, TX (Sirius)
Although I enjoy the topics that Michelangelo talks about, he comes across as a gay version of a Fox newscaster. He acts as if he has all the answers. He is as fundamentalist as it come to his brand of atheism and anti-gun views. He is disrespectful to those who don't agree exactly as he believes. Again I feel I am listening to a gay version of a Fox or right wing radio channel.

Palm Desert, CA (Sirius)

I love that you have guests from both sides of the fence. Your passion and motivation is inspiring. I do also enjoy the fact that you do listen to others, even though you have strong opinions and views of your own.

Meridian, ID (Sirius)

I like that you confront the assholes that are out there trying to spread their stupidity and hate. The problem with democrats/progressives and gay folks is that we are too nice. We keep getting trampled or shouted down. Go, Mike, Go!

Lakeside City, TX (XM)

I appreciate that you confront not only the wingnut homophobia, but also the "benign" type, wherein people deign to tolerate us and believe that what we want is some sort of special protection, not that what we want is to have simply the same rights that they enjoy. You articulate that most basic tenet frequently and well.

New Orleans, LA (Sirius)

Great show. Like it or not, you are OUR voice and give OUR cause credibility.

Whitehorse, YT, Canada (Sirius)
I find comfort in the show because way up here in The Yukon there are many lesbians, but not that many gay men. So when I can't find any gay men, I can turn on the radio and listen to your show. Keep up your campaign Signorile. I haven't disagreed with your opinions yet.

Bel Air, MD, (Sirius)
Thanks for enlightening me on all the events and news every day. Your show makes my commute much easier to handle. Hopefully I'll get up the nerve to call in someday. BTW, is caller Jay in New Haven single?

Deltona, FL (Sirius)
Great show Michelangelo. Enjoy the reaction of my 89 year old mother and 65 year old brother when they travel in my car and listen along with me. They love and support you and me!

San Francisco, CA (Sirius)
I think the guys behind the boards get a little carried away with the bots (or whatever you call the audio bits of sound like Mike Rogers “ooof”) . I find the taser noise that is played for Steven L Anderson disturbing enough that I just turn off my computer speakers for a few minutes until Mike is through talking about him. But then I also turn off the speakers during the commercials too.

Phoenix, AZ (Sirius)
I love the show, and have been a regular listener for nearly a year now. My favorite part of the show are the interviews with opposing parties. I love the interviews, but I do have a suggestion. Michelangelo needs to let the people he is interviewing finish their answers to his questions, especially when he disagrees with their opinions. Let them hang themselves! They do not need any help.

Collegeville, PA (Sirius)
I love the clips of the week. I am still trying to get my Partner of 18 years to listen to you more often.. You really keep me company on my commute home everyday. P.S.: I also love the sound bits, especially "poemary" and "that is a horrible idea" I know them all.

Tampa, FL (Sirius)

Kudos for the great interview with Steven L. Anderson. You pushed him just hard enough without going over the line and being disrespectful. I don't understand why the secret service has not arrested him for encouraging the assassination of the President. How can someone in a position of authority stand up in public and say they hope the President or someone else dies because they have done something terrible or threaten the country? Isn't that saying to some unbalanced person that they should resort to violence?

Atlanta, GA (XM)

I just listened to (as much as I could stomach of) your interview with Steven Anderson the whacko preacher. I really wish you had been better prepared for this interview --perhaps you should have pre-recorded it so that you could be in the right frame of mind. You sounded almost as ill-informed as he did. At times you seemed to be caught in the undertow of his circular logic on what is a crime vs. murder vs. biblical teachings vs. US law etc. Have your producers looking up the biblical references.. Have a theologian available who can counter the arguments... Have a criminal lawyer available. You had an EXCELLENT opportunity to put this man in his place --but I feel you really dropped the ball on this one.

North Bay, ON, Canada (XM)
I don't know how you get through the interviews with your really anti-gay guests... it’s hard to believe some of these people really exist. My personality is very non-confrontational, so I have a hard time listening to some of your more heated interviews, but I’m truly thankful our community has a voice like you.

Bowie, MD (Sirius)
Interviews are great. You are a great debater and it is refreshing to hear your perspective full throttle. But at times, it can get me too riled up. Sometimes after a hard day's work, I also would like to hear more positive focused uplifting news and stories.

Boston, MA (Sirius)
I learned of you from the movie Outrage, and enjoy your calling out the hypocrites and haters in our culture. I don't agree with you on everything, but respect your opinions and you often make me reexamine my own views on issues. You're a refreshing change from the blowhards on the rest of the dial. I get the feeling that you're not just posturing for ratings, but voicing and defending your beliefs. And you're not afraid to inject humor when that's really the only response to something.

Katy, TX (Sirius)
I think this show is brilliant. Thoughtful, intelligent, PASSIONATE, and NEVER apologetic, Michelangelo is one of my heroes, and he's an angel not only to the GLBT community, but to society at intelligent and outspoken gay voice for ALL to hear. Mr. Guggenheim is an outstanding producer, and this show keeps me with satellite radio. Keep up the good work!

Pensacola, FL (Sirius)

You are such a fascinating individual. And, I very much enjoy how you engage your listeners in conversation. I usually have my mind set on the various topics you discuss on your show. However, after that segment of the show is done and you've moved on to other topics, I often times find that I have a better understanding of what was being discussed and that my views on the topic have changed.

Little Rock, AR (XM)
I like the show. some issues can go on and on. I do wish we would quit calling the crazy people Christians. Jesus was about love, fed the hungry and healed the ill. These idiots at these town meetings are not Jesus followers nor are these gay haters. they need to be called something else. Thank you I do like your show and your Friday highlights at the end of each hour.