Friday, October 16, 2009

Kevin Jennings Witch Hunt Continues

Now 50 Republicans have called for Kevin Jennings to be fired as Obama's safe schools czar based on smears and right-wing lies. We all know the real reason is because Jennings is openly gay. The Plum Line has the story:

OP Rep Steve King, who’s been leading the charge against top Obama education adviser Kevin Jennings, today called for Jennings to be fired for allegedly “ignoring the sex abuse of a child” when he was a young schoolteacher.

But guess what: King’s office was informed at least a week ago that even Fox News, a lead tormentor of Jennings, corrected these allegations and acknowledged that the “child” was actually of legal consent age. I know, because I informed his office of this, in the course of seeking comment on an earlier story I was doing about the whole mess.