Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener, and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Providence, RI (Sirius)
Michelangelo Signorile has a fantastic show with keen analysis and important insights. But your call screeners are JERKS and RUDE. I’ll never bother calling your show again. Whenever I try calling your call screeners are rude and obnoxious. Call this sour grapes but it isn’t. I am very educated and have been involved in the LGBT movement. No longer will I bother to try giving out new information or insight by calling your good show in its present form with the rude people you have working with ya. Your staff obviously missed finishing school. No, I do not like your call screener who has no social manners whatsoever.

Allentown, PA (XM)
You have a very good show, Michelangelo. You cause people to think and it is refreshing to hear. Keep up the good work.

Shelton, CT (XM)
I feel that your show has helped me to become more involved in the issues by informing me of many of the talking points to discuss with friends and families to get involved with issues important to my rights and discrimination to everyone's rights. It was you that got my ass to Washington to march.

South Bend, IN (Sirius)
I highly respect Michelangelo Signorile. I listen to his show daily, read his blog and his books. But lately I've been feeling disappointed in his behavior, specifically on CNN and in his comments about HRC. Michelangelo has been coming across as an angry radical, similar in ways to Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck, just at the other end of the spectrum. He often comes across with an attitude that unless you completely agree with him then you are wrong.

Rochester, NY (Sirius)
Intersexed people always have a gender and usually a predominant sex. I'm intersexed but mostly male and am a man. I've got an adopted gay son who is 22 and started a GSA at his Catholic college! My 22 yr. old daughter by a previous partnership is very worried about what will happen to my partner and I if we can't get married. My 22 yr. old gay niece is hungry for GLBT history. We must all start to think about them as part of our communities' picture and talk about them, with them and listen too.

Jersey City, NJ (Sirius)
Now that we have had the national equality march, i would love a regular or semi regular feature about things we could or should be doing after the march, once we returned to our home states. highlight various organizations, and the work they are doing and how we can get involved.

Atlanta, GA (Sirius)
First of all, I had never seen you until I watched "Outrage." I had a vision of you as an older fat man, but I was so wrong, you're hot! Thank you for making my ride home every day! You are the reason I have satellite radio!

Newberry, MI (Sirius)

I am a new listener. I am 39 and newly divorced. It has only been about 2 months since I began my coming out process. I look forward to 39 more yrs. out and finally happy!

Hot Springs, AR (XM)

I dislike the soundbites set to music. In fact, I will tune the radio to 1st Wave (my other favorite station) when I hear them beginning. It is obvious that your producer puts a lot of effort into the segment, and I appreciate his effort, but I HATE IT. Annoying as hell.

New Paltz, NY (Sirius)
LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CLIPS OF THE WEEK! I love the political discussions, and the interviews with the right wing nutjobs like Rev. Anderson. I particularly like that Michael is patient with these people, giving them enough time to present their views and countering them with compassion and logic.