Monday, November 09, 2009

Where are the Editors?

Yet another doomsday columnist, in the Minniepolis Star-Tribune, is warning that gay marriage is destroying marriage for staights. Katherine Kersten entitled to her wrong-headed opinion, but the newspaper has responsibility to make sure her claims are backed up by facts and that she's not putting out outright lies and distortions. This line especially stands out:

The evidence is overwhelming: Boys and girls flourish best with a married mother and father, who perform different and complementary roles in preparing them to deal with the world and the opposite sex.

What evidence is she talking about? Where's her data? did the editor see it? Because all the studies I see show that there is no difference in terms of how kids turn out whether they grow up in straight or gay households, and if fact there is some evidence (one recent study) that they do better in lesbian households. Why is this woman simply allowed to lie?