Friday, February 05, 2010

Interview with Barney Frank

These are some short clips from my interview with Congressman Barney Frank from Thursday (Feb 4) about a variety of issues but including "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the Employment Non-Discrimination Bill.

In these first three clips, Barney is very forceful in his opinion that another review of DADT, as Gates announced, is unnecessary, that he is unhappy with the issues Gates raised regarding what the review would do and that he believes we should have a vote on repeal well before the review that would have repeal go into effect after the review is complete.

In this clip, Barney and I discuss the president and the White House and whether Obama will push for DADT repeal in Congress this year. Barney becomes frustrated with calls to put the pressure on the White House.

In this clip, Barney says unequivocally that Nancy Pelosi will back a vote on DADT and ENDA, even though shortly after the interview she told reporters that she wasn't certain there would be a vote on DADT (and the White House is now hedging too.)He then expresses his frustration with my even asking about Pelosi and the leadership's commitment.

In this clip Barney expresses his frustration with gay activists and the LGBT community on how they lobby and work with Congress.