Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

These are some of this week's listener survey comments, a few of which I read on the show. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right.

Myrtle Beach, SC (Sirius)
I've lived in several major metro areas (Miami, Houston, Atlanta) and now am stuck in South Carolina where activism doesn't exist!! You are my best source of lgbt issues and news here, and I thank you. I think your show is well-orchestrated and I wouldn't change a thing!! Keep up the excellent work!

Atlanta, GA (Sirius)

I like the show a lot, but it tends to get dry usually in the 4:00 hour. A little humor once a week would be good. The book stuff is really boring.

Scottsdale, AZ (Sirius)
I called in today to talk about the SVU episode, cool topic. The discussion was great & Michaelangelo you were so nice to your callers. I love that you talk about things that really matter to ALL of us. I am a straight ally and I rely on your show for the news that matters to me & my LGBT friends and the rest of our human family. I also love that you are willing to let listeners play devil's advocate with you & sometimes get you to see a new viewpoint. It is so rare to hear a radio or TV personality who will REALLY listen to all sides of an argument with an open mind. You rock !!!!!!!!!!!

Washington, IA (Sirius)

I know when the topic is a popular one you are overwhelmed with calls, but there is one thing that occasionally gets on my nerves. When you are talking about something and you take a caller who is clearly knowlegable in that area, sometimes you seem to not give them the amount of time they deserve. I am reminded of one particular caller who spoke to you when you talked about the repeal of DADT. He called and identified himself as an army training officer-- I was excited to hear his personal opinion on the subject, as I think those that serve have a very true take on this issue.( My significant other is in the army guard; he already serves with those he knows are gay, and it does not make a difference to him). But I felt when this particular caller began to talk, you quickly cut him off and went to the next caller. Again, I realize this may just be because of time restraints, and I do not fault you for hurrying through callers when there are many others waiting, but I did want to point this out to you. Other than that I have no complaints and keep up the good work.

Palm Springs, CA (XM)
I enjoy the show as is but there are times when my time in the car is limited and some interviews go on too long.

Hermann, MO (Sirius)
It seems as if the show has a lighter more relaxed feel to it on Thursday and Friday. I enjoy this because although it is important to discuss serious issues, it's also nice to loosen up a bit when going into the weekend. I especially like to hear Mr. Signorile and Mr. Guggenheim joke and laugh with the callers towards the end of the week. With all the serious discussion, it's nice to end on a lighter note. I can't believe how much I've grown to love the show and I miss it when I cannot listen. You all do a great job and are much appreciated.

Tallahassee, FL (Sirius)
Give your producer a mic. It's terribly annoying to hear snippets in the background as if he were some sycophantic toady in the peanut gallery. Man up and share!

Gillette, WY (XM)
Keep it up. Enlightening and factual show.

Malvern, PA (Sirius)
Michael, love your show and wish I could listen to it more.

San Diego, CA (XM)

There are conservative gays also, more balance please?