Monday, March 22, 2010

Today on Signorile Show

Of course the big news as the House passes the health reform bill: We'll go through all the events of the weekend, and listen in to the key speeches by Nancy Pelosi, President Obama and angry Republicans. What does it mean politically? Did the Dems save themselves? Has the president learned a lesson about actually getting involved and being forceful? Let's hope so!

What does Bark Stupak's deal mean, with the president signing an executive order banning federal funding of abortion? And how his being called a "baby killer"?

What happened to the provisions for LGBT Americans in the health care bill?

Guest: 3:30 ET
Lt. Dan Choi hijacked HRC's Kathy Griffin DADT rally, led everyone to the White House and then chained himself to the White House fence last week where he and and GetEqual's Robin McGehee were arrested in a day of direct action that included a sit-in at Nancy Pelosi's offices in DC and San Francisco. They'll both join me to talk about what happened and what it means for the future.

The teabaggers gather at the Capitol, hurling the n-word and the f-word, proving that the the t-party movement are band of racist and homophobic thugs.

Guest 4:30 ET: psychologist Michael Bader argues that we should have sympathy -- yes, sympathy -- for the nasty paranoid tea party people. He'll join me to explain why.

And the Vatican fights back as the sex-abuse scandal explodes globally with the Pope issuing a statement that doesn't take any responsibility for covering-up the sex abuse.

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