Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

The Pentagon is set to announce changes to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law to make it less harsh, pending what we all hope is the repeal. Meanwhile, the year-long study that was supposed look at how to implement repeal doesn't seem to be going well, at least according to Lawrence Korb, former Reagan defense official, who expressed concern about the Pentagon study, claiming it could potentially go in the wrong direction and that they're "dragging their feet" at the Pentagon.

We spoke yesterday about Texas Republican Rep. Randy "Baby Killer" Neugerbauer confession of shouting "Baby Killer," or what he claims he said, "It's a baby killer," toward Michigan Democratic Representative Bart Stupack. Now according to Politico, he claims his outburst has helped in raising funds toward a future campaign. We'll discuss today. We'll also get into all the wacky rhetoric coming from right-wing loons, from Glenn Beck to our favorite, Janet Folger-Porter!

Guest / 3:30pm EST - Yesterday, we spoke about what's in the new health care law and when we can expect to see changes take place. Today, we'll be joined by Igor Volsky, health care researcher with the Center for American Progress, who will answer your questions on when elements of this bill will actually affect you.

Shouldn't these idiotic sex offender laws be changed so that teens who are sexting won't be considered pedophiles for the rest of their lives? Some people think not. We'll get into it.

/ 4:30pm EST - I told you about a lesbian Air Force sergeant out of South Dakota last week who was discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," because the local police had reported seeing an Iowa marriage certificate through her window. Today, Sgt. Jene Newsome joins us to speak about what happened and what she is doing to fight her discharge.

Victory, sort of: A judge has ruled that eighteen year-old Constance McMillen did have her rights violated when her Mississippi high school said she couldn't bring her girlfriend to the prom and then canceled the prom entirely -- but the judge refused to order the school to go ahead with the prom.

And we've talked about whats in the new health care bill and what it means for you. There is some more aspects of the bill that could be beneficial to many American's who walk into a chain restaurant, and that is they will now be required to post the calorie content in their meals. Do you think this will help Americans combat obesity? We'll talk today!

All this and more, today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show!

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