Friday, April 16, 2010

The Path Forward

Here is a piece about our LGBT Leadership Town Hall that I wrote for Huffington Post today:

Next week in Washington I'm hosting an LGBT Leadership Town Hall which will be broadcast live nationwide on my radio program on Sirius XM and streamed online. The Path Forward, as the title of the event suggests, will look at the critical next several weeks and months in Washington at a time when many gay, lesbian and transgender people are frustrated with the pace in the Beltway, and are often critical about how their own leaders have engaged the White House and Capitol Hill.

Call it an emergency summit meeting, trying to get at what LGBT leaders have done, what can be done and what people should expect at a time when many believe Democrats have wasted much capital and may lose seats in Congress, perhaps stalling the gay rights movement for years to come.

Go read the whole thing, which of course links back here as well.