Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today on the Signorile Show

Yesterday, Mike mentioned briefly that President Obama was in Los Angeles, speaking at a fund raiser for Senator Barbara boxer and that GetEQUAL would be in attendance, protesting outside the event. It looks like they were at the fund raiser too, shouting for repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. The president said he agreed, but does he? Here is a portion of his speech and the outbursts.

UPDATE: In the past hour, in an action planned by GetEqual, six gay and transgender military vets have chained themselves to the White House gate.

There are two cases before the Supreme Court, cases we've discussed on the show before. Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard the case of Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, the case regarding whether a Christian group should allow gay members, saying that LGBT members are infringing on their rights. The other to be heard next week, Doe v. Reed, is the case of "whether Washington State’s open records law violates the free speech rights of people who signed ballot petitions by requiring their names to be made public." Are these really cases of first amendment rights v. gay rights? And what will the decisions mean if marriage equality is brought before the Supreme Court? We'll discuss today.

Guest / 3:30pm EST - Dan Woods, attorney for the Log Cabin Republicans, joins us this afternoon to talk about a case that is scheduled to be heard in June, a case which puts President Obama vs himself, regarding how he is handling the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." We'll talk with Woods about the case this afternoon.

Guest / 4:30pm EST - Heather Rogers, author of Green Gone Wrong, joins us this afternoon to answer the question "Do today's much touted 'green' products -- carbon offsets, organic food, biofuels, and eco-friendly cars and homes -- really work?"

Two of our favorite politicians are in the news: Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is currently in a battle with Tea Partier favorite Marco Rubio for a Senate run, is considering leaving the GOP and running as an independent. Will this hurt the GOP's chances and divide the party?

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is being heckled by Tea Partiers, asking whether or not the Senator is gay and saying things like, ""Barney Frank has been more honest and brave than you. At least we know about Barney Frank, nobody’s going to hold it over his head."

And, from the Associated Press: "The Supreme Court struck down a federal law Tuesday aimed at banning videos that show graphic violence against animals, saying it violates the right to free speech. The justices, voting 8-1, threw out the criminal conviction of Robert Stevens of Pittsville, Va., who was sentenced to three years in prison for videos he made about pit bull fights." Do you agree? Should the filming of the of torturing animals be protected by free speech?

We'll discuss this and much more, today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show!

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